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Thank you for visiting this part of our site. As a full service real estate company we offer to manage rental homes for some of our investor clients and our agents and brokers.  We have a steady supply of very nice clean well managed homes for lease.

Some of our investor / homeowner clients even offer a select few of their homes for lease purchase or short term rental on a case by case basis.

You can check out our rental homes by clicking here or look at all of the rental homes available by clicking here.  You can then search by area, price, neighborhood, etc.

If you find a home that is of interest to you please give us a call so that we may be of assistance to you.  Our services are paid for by the owner so there is no charge to you for working with our experienced staff at Eagle, Realtors  Most of the homes available require at a minimum and application fee to process your rental application and usually in today's market in Houston, a "First Months Rent" and an equal amount for the security deposit.  This means that in most cases to lease a home you will need at a minimum, funds equal to two months of the rent plus an application fee to be able to move in. 

At Eagle, Realtors  We look forward to helping you in your rental home search. 




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